Management and maintenance of winch wire rope

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Management and maintenance of winch wire rope

Management and maintenance of winch wire rope

(1) Strengthen the inspection of steel wire ropes at least once a day. If special circumstances are found, the number of inspections should be increased. The winch operator shall report the abnormal situation in time.

(2) Strengthen the maintenance of the roadway and find that the water spray should be actively reported and treated so that the water flows into the drainage ditch to avoid corrosion of the steel wire rope along the track.

(3) The track should be clean and tidy, the ground roll should be arranged reasonably, the interval should be appropriate, the ground roll should be kept intact, the rotation is flexible, and the lubrication is good. If there is damage, replace it in time to avoid the wire rope directly grinding the track and sleeper.

(4) Strengthen the wire rope oiling, apply anti-corrosion oil or increase the grinding grease according to the regulations. Article 411 of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines” stipulates that the steel wire ropes in use shall be oiled at least once a month according to the conditions of the roadway and the corrosion.

Before oiling, it should be fully prepared. Firstly, remove the grease stain on the wire rope and wipe the water on the wire rope. The oiling method of the wire rope is as follows:

(1) Manual brushing method: Use a hand brush to apply or brush the wire rope oil on a slow running wire rope or oil the rope from the sky wheel.

(2) Pressure spraying method: a special tool is used to generate compressed air, and the molten steel wire rope oil is sprayed onto the wire rope wound around the drum.

(3) Cooking oil method: set special steel wire rope cooking oil pool, put the rope into the rope, and then heat it to 70~800C for a few days to make the rope core fully absorb oil.



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