Maintenance and maintenance of European crane hoisting unit

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Maintenance and maintenance of European crane hoisting unit

Maintenance and maintenance of European crane hoisting unit

Always observe the oil tank of the gearbox to check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil is within the specified range. When it is lower than the specified oil level, the lubricating oil should be replenished in time.

When the crane is not used frequently and the sealing condition and the use environment are good, the lubricating oil in the gearbox is replaced every six months. When the use environment is bad, it is changed every quarter. When it is found that there is water in the tank or there is always foam on the oil surface and it is determined that the oil has deteriorated, the oil should be changed immediately. When changing oil, the oil should be replaced strictly according to the instruction manual of the gearbox, and the oil should not be mixed.

Grease should be added once every two days in the bearing housing at both ends of the reel. The surface of the reel and the wire rope should be greased according to the situation. Grease should be replenished once a month in the rolling bearing of the fixed and movable pulley blocks. The brake shafts of each link are filled with lubricating oil every week.



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