Lifting the little knowledge: lifting operation technical

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Lifting the little knowledge: lifting operation technical

Lifting operation is one of the most indispensable in coal-fired power plant construction work, the relationship between the construction schedule, safety, quality and economic benefits. Crane is a special technical work, it is closely connected with the force, at the same time in the construction and security forever.

Lifting operation technical

During the construction of lifting, rigger every time dealing with ever-changing force. Each on a hoisting construction, even if it is a small lifting construction, have to consider the size, direction and functional point force problem, all want to analyze the force of the object, considering the weight under the action of force balance problems

In lifting work, whether it's lifting or hauling, rigger will consider the use of lifting machines, rigging and force point of the object itself and the strength, stiffness and stability problem of the slabs, it is a technology of further relates to mechanics, and engineering mechanics, material mechanics and structure mechanics have a close relationship.



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