Jib crane track beam technical requirements before installation

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Jib crane track beam technical requirements before installation

1, Cantilever concrete leveling the level of strength grade is C30, the thickness is 30 ~ 50mm.

2, The installation deviation of the rail beam should be inspected before the concrete leveling floor is required, and the rail beam should be adjusted if it does not meet the requirements.


3, according to the track on the surface of the beam measured elevation, determine a suitable concrete leveling layer top surface control level, on the track beam every 214 ~ 310 m to set up a control elevation datum.

4, measured with instrument, cantilever crane adjust benchmark level, set at the top of the screed-coat elevation datum line, and then install the template, clear track beam top surface and sundry, bolt hole and the bolt hole plug, top of the concrete after sprinkling water wet.

5, It is necessary to find the flat top surface of the flat surface to be flat, not to be exposed to the surface of the rock, and not to allow the use of cement mortar to be used on the surface.

6, In the construction of cantilever lifting, it is necessary to measure the inspection by instrument at any time, and the top surface of the leveling layer must satisfy the following requirements: no water level is less than 5mm at the top of the 400 mm width of the bolt. Any of the 610m length interior bolts with a high elevation difference of plus or minus 3mm. The top of all the bolts is up to or minus 5m.

7, The cantilever concrete USES mechanical agitation, should be strengthened in the construction, when the concrete test block reaches 75% strength design value, can undertake the orbit installation work.




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