Introduction of electromagnetic bridge crane

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Introduction of electromagnetic bridge crane

Introduction of electromagnetic bridge crane

The electromagnetic bridge crane has a detachable electromagnetic disk, which is especially suitable for heavy loading, unloading and handling of magnetic ferrous metal products and materials (such as steel, section steel, pig iron blocks) between indoor or open fixed spans in metallurgical factories. It is also commonly used in machinery factory warehouses to carry steel materials, iron blocks, scrap iron, scrap steel, iron filings and other materials.

Lifting equipment The electromagnetic bridge crane belongs to the heavy-duty (A6) working system. The crane includes the self-weight of the electromagnetic disk. It consists of five parts: a box-shaped bridge, a cart running mechanism, a trolley, electrical equipment, and an electromagnetic disk. All mechanisms are in the control room. Steering, with rainproof equipment when used in the open air.

The basic structure of the lifting equipment electromagnetic bridge crane is the same as that of the hook bridge crane. The difference is that a DC lifting electromagnet (also known as an electromagnetic sucker) is hung on the hook to lift ferrous metals with magnetic conductivity. with its products. Usually, the AC power is converted into DC power through the motor generator set on the bridge walking platform or the thyristor DC box installed in the driver's cab, and then the DC power is used by the special cable reel on the trolley frame. The flexible cable is fed to the lifting electromagnet.

Instructions for using electromagnetic bridge crane:

1. The entrance of the walking platform into the control room is divided into: end entry, side entry, and top entry.

2. When using the electromagnetic disk, the rotating part of the hook must be locked with screws, and no rotation is allowed.

3. The lifting capacity includes the self-weight of the electromagnet

4. The total weight of the crane does not include the weight of the electromagnet and its accessories

5. The electromagnetic disks listed in the table are reference models, and the suction weight is the maximum weight absorption capacity of this type of electromagnetic chuck, and the user can choose another one according to the actual use.



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