Introduction of Electric Transfer Carts

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Introduction of Electric Transfer Carts

Introduction of Electric Transfer Carts

  • Electric transfer cart is a kind of rail electric transport vehicle in the factory. First of all, it is a rail-type transport vehicle, which needs to be laid on    the ground. The track is generally an I-shaped surface contacting the track; secondly, it is an electric drive vehicle, which runs automatically under the drive of a motor reducer, and thirdly, it is a flatbed car. , The table is flat without a car cover. In special cases, it can be non-planar but without a car cover. The car body has no steering wheel and only forward and backward directions (even if it turns, it will turn by the track).

  • This kind of vehicle has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, large carrying capacity, not afraid of being dirty or smashed, easy to maintain, and long service life. It is the preferred means of transport to frequently carry heavy objects in a short distance from the workshop.

  • The main application of electric transfer cart is to lift and transport water billet car, etc; Transport vehicles, electric dump trucks, electric sanitation trucks, etc. Electric transport vehicles and electric dump trucks are also used in flour mills, concentrators, foundries, chemical plants, charge factories, farms, etc.

  • There are many different types of electric transfer carts, including: rail transfer carts, towed transfer carts, KPX series battery electric transfer carts, KPZ series turntable rail changing transfer carts, reel powered transfer carts, etc.

  • According to your different demand, we can provide many types customized transfer carts. If have requirement, please contact us.



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