Introduction of Cantilever Jib Cranes

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Introduction of Cantilever Jib Cranes

Introduction of Cantilever Jib Cranes

The working strength of the cantilever crane is light. The crane is composed of a column, a slewing arm slewing drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation through anchor bolts. The I-beam runs in a straight line from left to right and lifts heavy objects. The jib of the crane is a hollow steel structure with light weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economical and durable. The built-in traveling mechanism adopts special engineering plastic traveling wheels with rolling bearings, which has small friction and brisk walking; the small structure size is especially conducive to improving the hook stroke.

The cantilever crane is a new generation of light-duty hoisting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is especially suitable for short-distance, frequent-use, and intensive hoisting operations when combined with high-reliability electric chain hoists. It has high efficiency, energy saving, and trouble-saving. Small area, easy to operate and maintain.

The mobile cantilever crane is more flexible and adaptable, and it is a necessary separate emergency hoisting equipment for high-efficiency automatic production lines. With it, it can ensure that the production line is unimpeded.

  • Classification of cantilever cranes

  • Fixed column cantilever crane

  • Articulated cantilever crane

  • Wall mounted cantilever crane

  • Gantry cantilever crane

  • Mobile cantilever

Crank jib series cantilever cranes have the characteristics of novel structure, free extension and flexion, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. During operation, press the button to hoist the load, and use the bending and rotating movement of the beam to avoid objects in the controlled working area and maximize the working area.

The wall-type cantilever crane is a new type of material lifting equipment developed on the basis of the wall-column cantilever crane. The walking track of the machine is installed on the cement column of the factory building, and it can move longitudinally along the track. At the same time, the electric hoist can complete the lateral movement along the cantilever and the lifting in the vertical direction. The machine greatly expands the working range, makes more effective use of the workshop space, and has a more ideal use effect.



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