Instructions for Using Bridge Cranes

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Instructions for Using Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are lifting machinery used to hoist goods, etc. It is the most widely used lifting machinery equipment in the fields of machinery industry, metallurgical industry and so on. In modern industrial enterprises, the use of bridge cranes has realized the mechanization and automation of the production process, reduced heavy physical labor, and improved production efficiency.

The following safety precautions should be paid attention to when using bridge cranes:

1. It must be in a normal state when driving, especially the safety devices such as transmission mechanism, sound and light, and signal must be sensitive and intact.

2. The operator should pay attention during use. Before hoisting, it must be idling for a test hoisting, and then hoisting. If the hoisting belt is not tight, it should be hoisted again.

3. Cranes are not allowed to drive over people's heads when they are hoisting cargo

4. Before the crane is used, it must be inspected, refueled and wiped. If there is a failure during operation, it must be stopped immediately to stop working.

5. When the crane is finished and stopped, it is necessary to hold the crane in a position where there is no one on the side, and raise the hook to the top. No goods should be hung on the hook when it stops. Turn off the power switch and lock the cab.

6. Bridge cranes must also be equipped with safety devices such as buffers, limiters (travel limiters, lifting limiters), lifting limiters, etc.

7. The shells of all live parts of the crane should be reliably grounded to avoid accidental electric shocks to operators. When the trolley track is not welded to the main girder, welding grounding should also be adopted, and the step-down transformer should be grounded on the low-voltage side according to regulations.



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