Inquiry point: help you get a quotation quickly and efficiently

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Crane inquiry is a very important step. It is about the accuracy of the quotation and the accuracy of the design

In order to save cost and time for you, We provide the following suggestions to customers who need to buy cranes.(single girder overhead crane,double girder overhead crane, single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, beam launcher crane, etc)

  •     1.Which kinds of crane do you need?

  •     2.FOB or CIF price?(If CIF price, please advise your destination port)

  •     3.Quantity?(set)

  •     4.Lifting capacity?(ton)

  •     5.Lifting height?(m) 


  •     6.Span?(m)

  •     7.Which kind of material does it lift?

  •     8.Working voltage?(V,HZ,Phase)

  •     9.Working environment?(Where does the crane specific used?)

  •    10.How many hours the crane works one day?

  •    11.Any other requirement do you need?


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