How to purchase gantry crane

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How to purchase gantry crane

Gantry crane, also known as gantry crane, refers to a multi action lifting machine that can lift and carry heavy objects vertically and horizontally within a certain range. The working characteristic of crane is to do intermittent movement, that is to say, the corresponding mechanism of reclaiming, moving and unloading in a working cycle works alternately.

The first gantry crane has requirements for its ground: the ground is the final carrier of the crane's self weight and lifting weight, and the bearing capacity and flatness of the ground directly affect the use of the crane. The requirements for the ground endurance of cranes are different. The requirements for the ground endurance are determined according to the crane's self weight, unbalanced weight and the size of the ground area. The tolerance of different places in the geographical environment is different. When the local endurance is insufficient, the crane will sink naturally, and in serious cases, the crane will overturn; the uneven ground makes the crane parked on it fall The inclination of the body and the boom causes the lateral deformation, which directly affects the lifting capacity of the crane and even causes the collapse accident.

The impact of outdoor crane wind is very large. The higher the building, the higher the corresponding crane. Generally, with the increase of height, the wind speed is also increasing. Often we don't feel it on the ground. The flag on the crane has been hunting, reflecting the difference between the high place and the ground environment. The effect of wind makes the crane generate wind load, and the wind load brought by the increase of wind speed is also increasing. When the wind load exceeds the design resistance capacity of the crane, the destruction accident of gantry crane will occur.

Third, due to the high risk of lifting operations, the state defines lifting operations as special operations, and operators obtain corresponding operation permits. At the same time, operators are cautious in daily operations, and strictly implement the operation procedures, any risky operation or negligence may bring huge disasters. Therefore, the training and assessment of operators is an important part of crane management. The important consideration of the purchaser for crane procurement is.



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