How to prevent Wire rope short rope phenomenon?

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How to prevent Wire rope short rope phenomenon?

01 rope end fixation

The rope end shall be fixed firmly and reliably. There are usually 4 ways of fixing the rope end of the rope: the pressure plate of the fixed rope shall be firmly pressed on the two rope, and the nut shall have anti-loose device; The joints should not be cracked when pressed with metal. When using a wedge, the wedge should not be loose and the wedge should not crack; When using a rope card, the direction of the rope card installation should be correct. The cable clamp should be pressed on the stressed rope (long rope, not the rope head), and the quantity and distance should meet the requirements.

02 Wire rope and reel

The ratio of nominal diameter to steel wire rope diameter shall not be less than 14; The multi-layer winding drum should be twice the diameter of the steel wire rope than the outermost wire rope; The drum rotation should be flexible, the cylinder wall should not crack or excessive wear; The fixed equipment on the wire rope end of the drum should have the function of anti - lock and self - lock.

03 safety winding number

In order to guarantee the safety of the lifting operation, work, crane should keep at least two circles on the roll of wire rope laps as its safety. Check the method is: put the hook in the lowest place (usually) on the ground, thus checking its safety strap, not including the tail rope fixed number of turns.

04 April rope gear

Pulley groove of the device should be equipped with prevent wire rope, the rope device is not more than a third the diameter of the wire rope and pulley clearance. You can use the method of visual inspection, if necessary can be steel or caliper measurement.

05 wire rope and pulley block

The pulley is mainly used to change the direction of the wire rope. Check to see if the wire rope is in the correct order in the pulley, and also check the lubrication and rotation of each pulley. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is any crack or breakage in each pulley flange. If any, it must be replaced immediately.

06 The scrap and renewal of the wire rope

The wire rope of the crane should be lubricated well and must not be rubbed against metal parts. No knot, squashing, bending, broken stock, cage distortion, broken core, etc. The decrease of the diameter of the wire rope shall not be more than 7%, and can be tested with caliper. The length of wire rope should not exceed the standard, strictly according to GB5972.



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