How to ensure the stability of the gantry frame body?

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How to ensure the stability of the gantry frame body?

During the supervision and inspection, it was found that the gantry used in the construction site has various hidden risks that affect the stability of the frame. To sum up, there are mainly the following types of problems:

1. Due to lack of drainage measures, the basic parts of the gantry are often subject to water accumulation, which can easily cause foundation settlement of the gantry, affecting the verticality and stability of the frame.

2. For the low-bay gantry, some buildings have just been built to the 1st to 2nd floors. The gantry has been installed to the final height. Although there is a cable wind rope, the upper part of the frame body cannot be rigidly connected to the building. High, affecting the stability of the frame.

3. The portal gantry frame body is connected with the construction scaffolding, but it is not connected with the building structure alone and is self-contained.

4. The use of connecting wall bars (with wall brackets) to the building structure to ensure the stability of the gantry frame, the common problems are:

a. The number of connecting points between the frame and the building structure is insufficient;

b. The asymmetry between the columns on the left and right sides of the frame body and the building structure;

c. The frame violations are connected with the scaffolding, but the connection or connection with the beams, columns, etc. of the building structure is not reliable, and no stable structure is formed between the wall rods and the frame body and the buildings;

d. When the construction enters the decoration stage, when plastering and external wall operations are performed, the wall rods are dismantled, and the joints are not reasonably adjusted.

It is not always possible to restore connection points. This phenomenon is not uncommon during the decoration phase of construction.



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