How to ensure the stability of gantry frame?

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How to ensure the stability of gantry frame?

In the supervision and inspection, it is found that the gantry frame used in the construction site has various hidden troubles that affect the stability of the frame, and the main problems are as follows:

1. Due to the lack of drainage measures in the foundation of the gantry frame, there is often water accumulation, which easily causes the foundation settlement of the gantry frame, affecting the verticality and stability of the frame.

2. For low gantry, some buildings just to 1 ~ 2 layers, gantry is installed to the final height, is equipped with cable wind rope, but the upper shelf with rigid connection, building cannot free height is too high, influence the stability of the frame body.

3. The gantry frame is connected with the building scaffold, and it is not connected with the building structure alone.


4. Using the connecting rod (wall bracket) and building structure to ensure the stable gantry frame, common problems are:

The number of connection points of a, frame and building structure is insufficient;

B. The connection between the left and right sides of the frame and the building structure is asymmetric;

C. The violation of scaffolding is connected with the scaffold, but not connected or connected with the beams and columns of the building structure, and there is no stable structure between the wall rod and the frame and the building;

D. When the construction goes into the decoration stage, and the plaster and outer wall work shall be carried out, the wall rod shall be removed, and the connection part shall not be properly adjusted.

There is no time to restore the join point, which is common in the decoration phase of construction.

5. The fixed gantry frame with cable and ground anchor connection is adopted. The common problems are as follows:

A. The diameter of the cable wind rope is less than that of

B. The sag of the cable is greater than 0.01L (L is the length of the cable), the pretension is not required, and the adjustment component is not installed.

C. cable wind rope and the Angle of the ground can not meet the requirements of 45 ° ~ 60 °, and the Angle even meet the requirements, but with 4 cable wind rope space position distribution is unreasonable, make it on the frame structure caused by the horizontal component of the not in balance, also can not reach the purpose of the solid frame body.

D. The forms and practices of ground anchors are generally not standardized. The stability of the gantry frame brings security risks.

E. The number of the rope is insufficient, and the direction of the rope card is wrong, and the rope card is not installed according to the standard spacing (6 ~ 8 times of the rope diameter).



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