How much do you know when the overhead travelling crane "does not hang"?

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How much do you know when the overhead travelling crane "does not hang"?

There are many safety precautions in the overhead travelling crane, but in the operation of the overhead travelling crane, various operating modes that are not conducive to the safe operation of the gantry crane will be encountered. In order to let the crane workers better grasp the safe operation of the crane, we often encounter The illegal operation of the crane car comes down to the fact that the crane does not hang. As a crane worker, you must be familiar with the “Ten Not Hanging” regulations. As a safety supervisor of the crane, you should also memorize the contents of the “Ten Not Hanging” procedure for the crane operation. What, let’s take a look at the cranes that don’t hang up:

1. overhead travelling crane is overloaded or the weight of the suspended object is unclear;

2. The command signal of the crane hoist is not clear;

3, the lifting of the lifting items, the hanging is not strong or unbalanced, may cause the sliding does not hang;

4. Do not hang when there are people or floating objects on the object being hoisted;

5. When the gantry crane lifts the cargo structure or parts and has defects or damages that affect the safety work, it does not hang;

6. The single-girder crane does not hang when it is buried with unclear tension;

7. The work area of the gantry crane operation is dim, and it is impossible to see the site, the object to be hoisted and the command signal;

8. When the corners of the object to be suspended and the bundled steel rope are not padded, they are not suspended;

9. Double-beam cranes do not hang when lifting heavy objects;

10. The items in the container of the bridge crane are not suspended when they are overfilled.



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