Grab Cranes

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Grab Cranes

Grab cranes refer to hoisting machinery equipped with grabs, which are widely used in ports, docks, station yards, mines, etc. to load various bulk cargoes, logs, minerals, coal, sand and gravel, earth and stone, etc.

The grab crane is an automatic picking machine. Its grabbing and unloading of materials is controlled by the ship unloader driver and does not require auxiliary personnel, thus avoiding the heavy labor of workers, saving auxiliary working time, and greatly improving loading and unloading efficiency. Grab cranes are roughly divided into bridge grab cranes and gantry grab cranes. The main advantage of the grab is to improve production efficiency and production safety.

Overhead Grab Bucket Crane

The conventional configuration of the overhead grab crane: using the driver's cab control, the driver's cab is separated and closed. Each mechanism adopts wire-wound hoisting motor and resistance speed regulation. Lifting equipment grab bridge crane working level: A6, A7, working environment 20~+40This model is not recommended for working environment with explosion-proof and insulation requirements.

Gnatry Grab Bucket Crane

Gantry grab cranes are mainly used in outdoor fixed cargo yards for transportation of mines, coal, wood, etc. According to the number of beams, gantry grab cranes are divided into single-beam gantry grab cranes and double-beam gantry grab cranes, which have the same functions as bridge grab cranes.



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