Gantry Crane Maintenance

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Gantry Crane Maintenance

Gate type starters are basically installed outdoors. Due to frequent wind, rain and sun exposure, the main structure and component parts of the gate starter will be damaged or deformed due to corrosion, and the related electrical components and equipment will also be easy. Aging, this not only affects the working efficiency of the gantry crane, but also may cause safety accidents in the work. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently perform maintenance and maintenance work on the gantry crane.


1. Maintenance of a gantry crane

The performance and life of the various mechanisms of the gantry crane largely depend on the lubrication. First, check the crane hooks and wire ropes for broken wires, cracks, and severe corrosion, and clean and lubricate them. Second, check the pulley block, drum, and pulley each month for cracks, and if the platen bolts and the reel base bolts are tight. In addition, always check the reducer bolts to determine the tightening.


2. Traditional gantry crane maintenance

When the transmission mechanism of the gate type starter is under maintenance and maintenance, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the motor to prevent water or oil from entering during rotation. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the waterproof performance of the motor's connecting hole and junction box is good, and the motor must be guaranteed. Use at a power supply higher than 85% of the rated voltage.


3.  gantry crane track maintenance

In the maintenance of gantry rails, the hammer hammer percussion method is also frequently used to check whether the fixing bolts of the rails and rails are cracked and loosened.



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