European mobile jib crane and mobile jib crane difference

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European mobile jib crane and mobile jib crane difference

European mobile jib crane and mobile jib crane difference

The concept of european-type mobile cantilever jib crane is formed in the industry in recent years to distinguish from the so-called domestic, Soviet (Soviet) type, traditional mobile cantilever jib crane. It mainly includes: bridge mobile cantilever jib crane, portal mobile cantilever jib crane, cantilever crane, flexible beam mobile cantilever jib crane, explosion-proof mobile cantilever jib crane and other industrial mobile cantilever jib crane. Engineering European mobile cantilever crane phyletic and various, product type is rich, both used in auto mobile jib crane in the field of engineering, the ground mobile cantilever jib crane, crawler mobile cantilever crane, mobile cantilever tower crane, the accessory mobile cantilever crane, cross-country tire mobile cantilever crane, also used in other areas of special overhead working truck, ladder truck, Marine mobile cantilever crane, offshore mobile jib cranes, hoists mobile ring rail bracket, etc.

European mobile jib crane is based on the lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology, make whole mobile cantilever crane structure is compact, stable operation, reduce weight, height decreased, energy conservation and consumption reduction, greatly reduce the user for mobile cantilever crane operation plant construction cost and portable cantilever crane operation cost improve the overall quality and operational performance of the mobile cantilever crane.




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