Dowell Manufactures Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Crane

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Dowell Manufactures Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Crane

Digital transformation, customized design, green production. Recently, dowellcrane relying on the innovation advantages of intelligent manufacturing, independently developed and designed a fully automatic electromagnetic hanging beam crane, which has the technical advantages of high automation, strong safety and reliability, and advanced positioning accuracy, and has achieved full automation in the true sense.

Technical advantages

1. Rigid guide column anti-sway, achieve precise positioning, and high degree of automation control;

2. One-key seamless switching, safe design of lifting dual motors, double guarantee of lifting safety;

3. Electric permanent magnet hoist, instant charging, permanent magnetism, no need for power outage and magnet protection system;

4. Fully automatic mode, intelligent interaction, and fully automated production;

5. The same span vehicle automatically avoids and completes the nearest dispatch according to the transfer target position;

6. It has multiple operation modes such as ground operation, remote control operation, and remote operation, and diversified operation.




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