Double girder bridge crane operating procedures

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Double girder bridge crane operating procedures

Double girder bridge crane operating procedures

1 before work

a. Check the requirements of the check card for the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices, and find abnormal phenomena and should be excluded.

b. The operator must close the main power source when confirming that there is no one on the platform or track. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, it should be removed by the original person concerned to close the main power.

2 working

a. When lifting heavy objects for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the weight should be put down after lifting the height of 0.5 m from the ground, check the performance of the brakes, and confirm the reliability before proceeding with normal operation.

b. During the operation, the operator shall ring the alarm for the following items as required.

1 lifting, landing heavy objects; when driving big and small cars

2 When the crane is driving, when the line of sight is unclear, it is necessary to ring the alarm continuously.

3 When the crane is driving close to another crane in the span.

4 When lifting heavy objects close to people.

c. Operation and operation shall be carried out according to the unified command signal.

d. When the power is suddenly cut off during work, all controller handles should be placed in the "zero" position, and the crane should be checked for proper operation before re-working.

c. In the normal operation of cranes and small cars, it is strictly forbidden to open the reverse brake to stop; when changing the direction of movement of the big and small cars, the handle must be placed in the "zero" position, so that the mechanism can be reversed after the mechanism is completely stopped.

d. For cranes with two hooks, when the main and auxiliary hooks are replaced with the height of the two hooks, the main and auxiliary hooks must be operated separately to avoid collision between the two hooks.

e. Cranes with two hooks are not allowed to hang two objects at the same time; adjust the hoist mechanism brakes when not working.

f. It is not allowed to use the limit position limiter to stop. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the hoist mechanism brake under load.



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