Do you know the winch?

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Do you know the winch?

Do you know the winch?

How to use the winch:

1. Set up the operation shed and ensure that the operator can see the commander and the objects dragged or hoisted. Buildings, scaffolding, and on-site stacking materials, construction, etc. during construction shall not affect the driver's monitoring of the entire process within the scope of operation. In the operation area of the dangerous work area, the top should meet the requirements of the shelter.

2. The foundation is strong. The hoist should be as far away as possible from the hazardous work area and choose a higher terrain. Where the soil is strong, the wire rope used to bury the ground anchor is locked with the hoisting machine seat, and the front should be piling to prevent the hoisting machine from moving and overturning.

3. The direction of the reel. The reel is aligned with the center of the guide pulley.

Winch notes:

1. The steel wire ropes on the cylinder should be arranged neatly. If overlap and oblique winding are found, they should be stopped and rearranged. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wire rope by hand or foot during the rotation. The wire rope must not be completely discharged, and should be kept at least three times.

2. The wire rope is not allowed to be knotted or twisted. When the wire breaks more than 10% within one pitch, it should be replaced. The transport is put down.

3. After the operation is completed, the tray should be grounded and the electric box should be locked.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use overload. That is, the maximum carrying capacity is exceeded.



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