Do you know the parts and classification of cranes?

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Do you know the parts and classification of cranes?

The crane mainly consists of lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, changing mechanism, rotating mechanism and metal structure.The lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane, mostly consists by the hanging system and winch, and the lifting heavy objects by hydraulic system.The operating mechanism is used to carry the weight or adjust the position of the crane, which is generally made up of motors, reducers, brakes and wheels.


The variation mechanism is only equipped with the arm frame crane, the height of the arm frame is decreased, the amplitude is enlarged, the balance variation and the unbalanced variation are two kinds.The rotary mechanism is used to turn the arm frame, which is made up of the actuator and the rotary supporting device.Metal structure, as a skeleton of a crane, the main ChengZaiJian such as bridge, boom and door frame for box structure or truss structure, can also be used for the web structure, some available steel as the support beam.

Lifting machinery used in bridge engineering, according to its structure and properties of different, general can be divided into small light lifting equipment, bridge type crane hoisting machinery and boom type, cable crane four categories.


The main beam of the single beam bridge crane bridge is made of the composite section of steel and steel.Lifting trolley is often chain hoist, electric hoist, or used as lifting mechanism parts assembled.

The crane features the same characteristics as the bridge crane.Can work over the round ground and widely used at open handling and installation work, such as a door crane, floating crane, mast cranes, crane and deck crane, etc.

Arm derrick includes: lifting mechanism, variable organ, rotating mechanism.Rely on these institutions cooperate with action, can make the weight lifting and handling within a cylindrical space.Arm crane installed on vehicles, or other forms of transport (mobile) tools, thus constitute the arm posture slewing crane operation.Such as auto crane, wheel crane, tower crane, portal crane, floating crane, rail crane, etc.



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