Do you know how to do rust preventive work about crane?

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Do you know how to do rust preventive work about crane?

The rust preventive work of the long-mounted crane

1. First, when the equipment is to be put down for maintenance, it is necessary to check the surface of the whole equipment, and it is best to ensure that there are surface coatings on all places.

2, if in the process of inspection, found that the metal structure of the film appeared in some places damaged, so be sure to put these damaged place clean, then coated with anticorrosive paint for these places such as antirust paint. Protect it on rainy days or snow days, and the metal surfaces will not be corroded by the weather.

3. In the process of anti-rust, do not neglect the active part of the crane, which is very important. For these parts, can be used in a 10 - or - 20 diesel to besmear to brush, not only can be removed easily for equipment corrosion material, but also can make the metal surface to form a layer of oil film, have the effect of resist low temperature.

4. In addition to cleaning and lubricating with diesel oil, apply a layer of lubricating oil. Had better choose calcium base, or lithium base grease, because they are to remain in all aspects of the mechanical properties have good effect, and when the equipment is used again, also can better remove the grease.

If you have a hoisting device, try it.



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