Development trend of aerial work platforms

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Development trend of aerial work platforms

Development trend of aerial work platforms

With global development and local differences, there are various requirements for aerial work vehicles to meet the various needs of customers from all aspects. Some scholars have found that in the future development of the aerial work platform industry, the following four trends are emerging:

1. Megaization

With the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization in China, the number of high-rise buildings in China has increased sharply, and the height of buildings has also been increasing. This has created a demand for high-altitude aerial work vehicles. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and the public, it will inevitably Increase efforts to design and produce high-altitude aerial work vehicles.

2. Lightweight

When designing and manufacturing the boom, the structure and section will be more reasonable, so that the weight of the boom can be reduced. The carbon fiber boom structure reduces the weight of the boom by 40%, which not only greatly reduces the weight of the boom, but also improves the life of the boom. This shows that the emergence of new materials will inevitably lead to lightweighting of the booming boom system. reform.

3. Multi-functional

At present, in addition to some aerial work equipment, aerial work vehicles are generally equipped with fire-fighting equipment such as fire pumps and fire water tanks. At the same time, they can also be equipped with high-altitude escape devices, such as high-altitude escape bags, to achieve high-altitude rescue. In short, The future aerial work vehicle will be a multi-functional high-performance work vehicle.

4. Intelligent

With the continuous development of control technology, high-altitude work vehicles have gradually emerged intelligent functions such as automatic leveling, visual operation, intelligent and safe operation, wireless remote control and remote monitoring.



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