Crane knowledge

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Crane knowledge

         Crane knowledge

   Lifting machinery is a modern economic construction in the improvement of material handling conditions,
the realization of the production process automation, mechanization, improve labor productivity indispensable
logistics and transportation equipment. Along with the human production activities continue to expand the scale,
the rapid development of the national economy, the degree of mechanization and automation requirements of
more and more, accordingly, the lifting technology is also in rapid development, more and more widely used.

  The scientific comprehensive management of hoisting machinery, give full play to lifting efficiency, efforts to improve
the quality and operation of crane equipment technical level, high efficiency, high quality and low cost to complete
construction and installation, production, loading and unloading tasks, to ensure safety in production, to obtain the
best economic efficiency, promote the enterprise sustainable development, is the task and goal heavy machinery
safety management.

  The use of units of special equipment safety management including selection, equipment installation and commissioning,
establish safety management system inspection, special inspection institutions, maintenance, operation, renovation,
overhaul and scrapping the whole process of management.



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