Characteristics of different types of cranes

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Characteristics of different types of cranes

Characteristics of different types of cranes

A crane is a general term for a lifting machine. If it is subdivided, it can be divided into many small types, such as driving, casting cranes, and bridge cranes.

Below, please ask the port crane experts to explain to us the different characteristics of different cranes:   

Ingot off crane features:

It is used to forcibly release the ingot from the ingot mold. There is a special stripping device on the trolley, and the stripping method is the root bridge crane.

Depending on the shape of the ingot mold: some de-spinning cranes use a rod to hold the ingot, and use a large pliers to lift the ingot mold; some use a large pliers to hold the ingot mold, and use a small pliers to lift the ingot.

Casting crane features:

It is used for injecting molten iron into a mixed iron furnace, a steelmaking furnace and lifting molten steel into a continuous ingot equipment or a steel ingot mold. The main trolley lifts the barrel, and the auxiliary car carries out auxiliary work such as reversing the barrel. In order to expand the use range of the auxiliary hook and better serve the steelmaking process, the main and auxiliary hooks are respectively arranged in the main body of the independent trolley running mechanism. The sub-cars are on and run along their respective tracks. Commonly used structural forms are four-beam four-track type and four-beam six-track type.

Features of the overhead crane:

A bridge crane is a type of bridge crane that runs on an elevated rail, also known as a crane. The bridge of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the elevated rails on both sides. The lifting trolley runs transversely along the track laid on the bridge to form a rectangular working range, so that the space under the bridge can be fully utilized to lift the materials. Obstructed by ground equipment.

Application range of bridge cranes:

It is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and open storage yards. Bridge cranes can be divided into three types: ordinary bridge cranes, simple beam bridge cranes and metallurgical special bridge cranes.



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