Cantilever crane transmissions and brake reform method

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Cantilever crane transmissions and brake reform method

Crane transmission is the key to engineering mechanical cars parts, through the transmission of cantilever crane to change gear ratio, change of engine crankshaft turn, adapt to drive the starting, acceleration, and overcome various under different driving conditions, such as road block to the drive wheels traction and speed of the needs of different requirements. Engineering machinery operation condition, the working environment is very complex and changeable, the maneuverability is strong, the working process of engine load change is big, the mechanical operation speed changes frequently, in order to ensure the engineering machinery can realize high efficient energy-saving operation, rapid mobility, need to constantly adjust the mechanical gear.

The brake device is an important part to ensure the safety of crane. In the hoisting operation, the brake device is used to prevent the suspension of the falling object or the lifting arm, preventing the rotating platform or crane from sliding down the force of the wind or ramp. Or to make the operating mechanism slow down and stop the movement; The cantilever can also be operated according to work needs. In special case, the movement speed is adjusted by controlling the balance of power and gravity.

When make joint sets and high-grade auxiliary transmission gear ring joint, crane planetary gear shaft, output shaft, ring gear in a planetary gear, and auxiliary transmission input shaft gear together and synchronous rotation, the auxiliary transmission hangs in high-grade (directly), five main transmission gear transmission ratio that is equal to the combined transmission respectively 5 of smaller transmission ratio. Since two transmission ratios are close, a transmission ratio is saved.

The brake device of cantilever crane is divided into brake and stopper. The stoppers only allow the axial direction to rotate freely and do not absorb kinetic energy, which can only support the stationary stationary. The working mechanism of the crane should always be equipped with a brake. Only in the following situations can the brakes be dismounted:

1. The mechanism is driven by the oil cylinder which is a straight line movement, and the locking oil road can rely on the ground stop mechanism.

2.The manual operation of the bridge crane is not affected by the force of wind or slope.



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