21 Winch Orders for Indonesian Customers

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21 Winch Orders for Indonesian Customers

21 Winch Orders for Indonesian Customers

Last Tuesday, a customer from Indonesia browsed the website and contacted our salesman, and proposed to purchase an electric winch with a simple structure.

The salesman recommended our new product to the customer: an electric construction winch with a maximum load capacity of 10 tons. Compared with other winches, its structure is simpler and the operation is more convenient. The customer adopted our suggestion according to the usage situation on site. We then made a quotation for the 21 multi-ton construction winches required by the customer.

After several days of communication, the customer made the advance payment on November 9. At present, the advance payment has been received, and we have arranged the factory for production. The customer will receive the winches within the time agreed in the contract.

And if you have inquire for crane machine or other parts, please contact us. We will provide high quality products and professional services.



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