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These are related to the electric hoist price news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in electric hoist price and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand electric hoist price market.
  • Sep
    The electric chain hoist purchased by Kenyan customers has been put into use
    In July, a customer from Kenya made an inquiry regarding electric hoists. After several communications, they finally confirmed the purchase of a chain hoist. We are delighted to announce that the customer has received the chain hoist and put it into operation.The customer's initial inquiry in July e
  • Sep
    Malaysian Client's Swift Transaction Sets Pace for Seamless Delivery
    On February 21st, our company received an inquiry from a Malaysian customer who was interested in purchasing 10 tons of steel wire rope hoists. We were delighted to provide a detailed quotation to the customer and to learn that they had decided to place an order with us.We are pleased to announce th
  • Apr
    The wire rope hoists ordered by Ugandan customers have been shipped
    In November of last year, a customer from Uganda inquired about three wire rope hoists.
  • Mar
    Uzbekistan Customer Purchases Two Wire Rope Hoists
    In early March, a customer from Uzbekistan inquired about wire rope hoists. After comparing several suppliers, they decided to purchase two wire rope hoists from our company.Yesterday, we received full payment from the customer, and we expect to ship the hoists next week.Our wire rope hoists are wid
  • Dec
    Precautions When Using the Hoist
    Precautions when using the hoist. The wire ropes on the reel should be arranged neatly.
  • Dec
    Brief Analysis of General Working Principle of Electric Hoist
    Brief Analysis of General Working Principle of Electric HoistElectric hoists are often used on monorail cranes, jib cranes and moving single-beam cranes. Due to their simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, good interchangeability, and easy operation, they are widely used in fact



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