What are the advantages of grab overhead crane in taking things

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What are the advantages of grab overhead crane in taking things

Grab overhead crane is also one of the lifting equipment produced by our company, so in many lifting equipment, what are the characteristics of grab crane? How does it get things?

Grab overhead crane is a kind of crane equipped with grab, just like human hand, it can grab goods, usually used to carry all kinds of bulk goods, logs, minerals, coal, sandstone, earthwork, etc. When it comes to the grabbing mode of grab crane, it is actually a kind of automatic picking machine. Its grabbing and unloading action is controlled by the driver of the ship unloader, and no auxiliary personnel are needed. Therefore, the heavy labor of workers is avoided, the auxiliary working time is saved, and the loading and unloading efficiency is greatly improved. In terms of type, grab crane can be roughly divided into bridge grab crane, gantry grab crane and folding arm grab crane. Generally speaking, grab crane refers to folding arm grab crane.



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