How to control the shaking in the electric hoist?

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How to control the shaking in the electric hoist?

It is impossible to shake without shaking in an electric hoist. The speed, the weight, the height will shake.

It is recommended that users start with the following aspects to minimize the shaking:


                                1. If the speed is single speed, slow speed can be used. But when you think about productivity, and you don't want to be too slow, you choose to change frequency.

                                2. If there are other ways, try not to be as high as possible.

                                3, do not use too thin rope and chain, can double rope double rope, can double chain. The more lines and chains, the more stable they are, but the slower they are. And the bulk of                                                                        the multi-rope wire rope electric hoist is bigger. So it depends.

                                4. The suspended objects should be as lifeless as possible, and must not exceed the rated load of the electric hoist, and the liquid should not be overfilled. Hang the rope                                                                                        securely.

                                5. Electric hoist with non-double hook or non-synchronous group, do not use for group hanging, follow the manufacturer's advice.



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