Gantry crane installation wire and matters needing attention

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Gantry crane installation wire and matters needing attention

Gantry crane is one of the more common lifting equipment on the market at present, is widely used in many industrial fields, but after we are purchase of gantry crane installation, use and maintenance process there are a lot of attention, such as gantry crane at the time of installation of wires there are some matters needing attention. So what are the precautions for gantry crane installed wire?

1. The gantry crane should use straight pipe connector to connect the wire tube, straight tube joint between the tube group to mutual interlaced distribution. The outdoor environment of cranes used straight pipe joint application hards and dissolved lead Dan filling the gap of seal.

2. The outlet port of the gantry crane wire should be wooden casing or liner tube into, crane should be used in outdoor environment using asphalt sealing and makes pipe bending down. If possible to plug wire tube equipment into line inside the hole. Are the outlet hole on the side panel, open not open at the top.

3. The gantry crane pipe bending radius should be greater than or equal to five times the diameter of the pipe, all bent to be greater than or equal to ninety degrees.

4. When the gantry crane after completion of all the wire laying, the whole circuit is measured with a megger insulation performance, to ensure the three-phase insulation resistance in excess of the prescribed standards, and the insulation resistance.



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