Daily maintenance of crane machinery

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Daily maintenance of crane machinery


Crane machinery maintenance, motor, deceleration machine maintenance

Check the temperature of the motor shell and bearing parts, the noise of the motor, vibration presence of anomalies.

Under the condition of frequent start, due to low speed ventilation cooling capacity is reduced, and the current is bigger, the motor temperature rise will increase soon, so we should pay attention to the motor temperature rise shall not exceed the upper limit of the specification.

According to adjust the brake motor specification requirement.

The daily maintenance of reducer refer to manufacturer's instructions. And should check the foundation bolt of the speed reducer, connection may not be loose.

Lubrication of the crane mechanical maintenance - walking mechanism

For the first time to use should be opened the reducer vent cap, ensure good ventilation, to alleviate the internal pressure. Before work should check reducer lubricating oil surface height reach requirement, if below the normal oil level, should increase the same type of lubricating oil in time.

Walking mechanism of each wheel bearing, in the assembly has been filled with enough grease (calcium base grease), does not need daily, every two months by filling holes or open the bearing cover, added a grease, to dismantle, clean and replace annually grease.

The open gear meshing place daub grease once a week.

Mechanical maintenance group - hoist crane maintenance

Often observe the gearbox oil window, check the oil level of lubricating oil within the prescribed scope, when oil level below the rules, should be timely supplement of lubricating oil.

Used in crane is not very frequent and good sealing conditions and using the environment, the slowdown in the lubricating oil change once every six months, the use of harsh, changing once every quarter. When found in the water or oil surface with foam and determine oil was bad, always should be oil change immediately. Oil change, shall, in accordance with the provisions of reducer used in strict accordance with the instructions of oil change, oil mix of avoid by all means.

On both ends of the roll bearing seat shall be once every two days filling grease, daub grease surface of the drum and wire rope according to the situation. Set, the movable pulley group of rolling bearing should be added once a month grease.

Brake shaft connecting rod activity weekly filling lubricating oil.



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